What is the Meaning of Moratorium Period in Loans

What is the Moratorium Period? A moratorium period means a period of time during a loan tenure when the borrower is not needed to make any payments. It is a period of time before EMI repayment resumes. Typically, repayment starts after the loan amounts are transferred, and the borrower must make payments every month. Moreover, […]

All Banks Personal Loan Interest Rates in India

Personal Loan Interest Rates A personal loan, a popular type of unsecured loan, is granted to the borrower after reviewing the borrower’s income, credit history, and repayment options. Because this loan is flexible and can be used for various purposes, it’s typically borrowed to meet personal needs such as a wedding, home renovation, higher education, […]

Types of Loans in India for Different Needs You Must to Know!

In India, the banking sector offers many types of loans in India to its account holders to fulfil people’s requirements. Every Indian can borrow a loan, either a businessman, employee, professional, or student. In today’s situation, loans can be used for a kind of different purposes. It can be utilized for various purposes, from supporting […]